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Products & Services
Ball & Ring
Bar Magnet Alnico
Bar Magnet Chrome Steel
Barlow Wheel
Bell in Vaccum
Boyle's Law
Calorimeter Joule's
Centi Second Timer
Compound Bar
Contact Key Single
Crook's Radiometer Single
Daniel Cell
Demonstration Dynamo Model
Demostration Meter
Dip Circle
Displacement Vessel
Ebonite Rod
Electric Bell
Electric Whirl
Electrostatic Kit
Expansion Apparatus
Four Way Key / Commutator
Friction Rod Set of 6
Fly Wheel
Force Pump on Stand
Four Stroke Diesel Engine Model
Geissler's Tube
Glass Block Rectangular
Gold Leaf Electroscope
Hare's Apparatus
Heating Effect Wax Coating
Hook's Law Apparatus
Horse Shoe Magnet Chrome Steel
Hydrostatic Balance
Induced Current Apparatus
Induced Current Apparatus
Insulated Socket Terminal
Iron Filling's
Knife Switch One Way
Lechlanche Cell
Lens Convex
Lens Holder
Lever Kit
Light Box and Optical Set
Linear Expansion Apparatus
Magdeburg Hemisphere
Magnetic Field Apparatus
Magnetising and Demagnetising Coils
Magnifier Folding
Material Kit Solid
Melde's Apparatus
Metal Cubes Set of 6
Metal Rivets
Micrometer/screw Guage
Mirror Holder
Model of Steam Engine
Multimeter Analog
Newton Colour Disc
Oested's Apparatus
Optical Bench Single Rod
Optical Disc
Physics Optic Kit
Pith Ball Electroscope
Platinum Resistance Thermometer
Bar & Guage
Bar Magnet Ceramic with Pvc Cover
Bar Magnet Cylindrical Alnico
Battery Hydrometer
Biot's Apparatus
Calorimeter Copper
Capillary Tubes Apparatus
Charle's Law Apparatus
Compound Pendulum
Convection of Heat in Air Apparatus
Cylinderical Lens for Ray Box
Deflection Magnetometer
Demonstration Induction Coil
Diffraction Grating
Dip Needle
Dynamic Trolley
Elastic Material Kit
Electric Bell Demonstration
Electro Magnet
Engine Hauze's Apparatus
Expansion of Liquids Apparatus
Flexible Leads Pvc
Friability Test Apparatus (Double Drum)
Floating Ring Magnet
Force Board
Force Table
Four Stroke Petrol Engine Model
G by Free Fall Apparatus
Gas Discharge Tube Set of 6
Geomatrical Figure Set
Glass Rod
Gold Leaves
Heating Effect Platinum Foil
Hexa Keys
Hope's Apparatus
Hydraulic Press
Ice Pails
Inclined Plane
Induction Coil
Induction Coil
Insulated Spade Adopter
Kinetic Theory Kit
Knife Switch Two Way
Lens Concave Spherical
Lens Double Spherical
Lens Set of 6
Lift Pump on Stand
Linear Air Track and Accessories
Liquid Level Apparatus
Magnetic Effect Deflection
Magnetic Needle on Stand
Magnifier Reading Glass
Mechanical Effect
Meriner Compass
Metal Cylinders Set of 6
Mini Motor Unit
Mirror Plane
Model of Steam Engine with Boiler
Multimeter Model Digital
Newton's Ring Apparatus
Optical Bench Double Rod
Optical Bench Wooden
Organ Pipe
Photo Electric Cell Unit
Pin Hole Camera
Plates for Simple Cell
Plotting Compass
Plug Key Two Way
Pocket Compass
Plug Type
Resistance Substitution Box
Reversing Keys
Ring Magnet Ceramic
Searles Surface Tension Balance
Set of Masses Slotted Brass
Set of Specific Heat Cylinders
Shadow Effect Maltese Cross
Simple Cell Complete
Solar Cell Unit
Spade Connectors
Spectrometer Intermediate
Spectrum Tubes
Spring Balance Gram / Newton
Steam Generator
Telegraph Set
Telegraph Set
Thermal Conductivity of Copper
Thermo Couple Copper Contantan
Ticker Tape Timer Dc
Tuning Fork Electrically Maintained
Tuning Fork Set of 8
Two Stroke Petrol Engine Model Model
Van De Graaf Generator(electrical)
Vernier Calliper
Vibration / Oscillation Box
Wave Hulix
Wave Machine Powell
Weather Vane
Wheel & Axle
Whirling Machine / Table or Siran
X-ray Tube Roentgen
Ripple Tank
Semi Circular Glass Block
Set of Rods for Thermal Conductivity Experiments
Shadow Effect Electromagnet
Silk Cloth
Simple Pendulam with Metal Rings
Specific Gravity Bottle
Spectrometer Prism
Steam Boiler
Tangent Galvanometer
Lecture Pattern
Vertical Type
Thermo Conductivity of Metals
Thermo Couple Copper Iron
Ticker Tape Timer Ac
Transformer for Ticker Tape Timer
Tuning Fork on Resonance
Two Stroke Diesel Engine Model
U-shape Magnets
Van De Graaf Generator(h/driven)
Vernier Calliper Ime
Wave Hulix (slinky)
Wave Motion Apparatus
Westminister Electromagnetic Kit
Whimshirt Machine
Wool Cloth
Young's Model Apparatus
Post Office Box
Wheatstone Bridge
Prism Glass
Project Tile Apparatus
Pulley Plastic
Reading Telescope
Rectilinear Propagation
Resistance Box
Resistance Coils
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